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UPDATE: Lizz Reeves Fidler will not be able to play the role of Marie Lombardi due to an unplanned medical emergency. Marie will now be played by Dyana Carroll (1/23-2/15) and Diane Senffner (2/20-3/15).

Lizz Reeves Fidler will be portraying Marie Lombardi (Marie Ann Planitz), the wife of Vince Lombardi. It’s 1965, the Green Bay Packers are having a stellar season, and they’re on their way to the championship. “Look Magazine” reporter Michael McCormick wants to find out all he can about their amazing coach. In this highly critically acclaimed drama, you’ll meet the man whose name graces the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. Lombardi is considered by many to be the greatest coach that ever lived or as Michael McCormick puts it, “the most imperfect, perfect man I ever met.”

Apparently, Marie Lombardi served a critical role as an unofficial buffer between her determined and aggressive husband and the players he coached. When players had trouble with the coach, they went to Marie, who would get Lombardi to back off a little. During his reign in Green Bay, Vince was treated like a king, feared and adored by many in and out of football. But, Marie was known to be able to take Lombardi and give it to the coach like no one else, providing him with a release valve and governing his temper. – See more at:

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