News: Break a leg?

133981_10151198196919106_1343867091_o-300x225To those of you that have been unaware of my broken wrist and subsequent surgeries saga, I have been unable to keep up with my blog for the last couple of months due to a wrist injury. Here is the latest news, but not for the squeamish…

I slipped during a dance rehearsal on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. As it turned out, the distal end of my radius in my right wrist was broken in approximately 5 pieces. This type of fracture is commonly referred to as the Hutchinson fracture, and involves the radial styloid process. It is also referred to as a Chauffeur’s fracture, since many years ago, the injury occurred from a direct blow to the wrist from the backfiring of the starting crank of an automobile. I also had a distal ulna fracture and an ulnar styloid fracture.

Ulnar Pin & WireTreatment involved open reduction and internal fixation, which is surgical realignment of the bone fragments and fixation with pins, screws, and plates. The first surgery placed a  permanent Titanium volar plate and 7 screws on the radius with concurrent prophylactic carpal tunnel release. A pin/wire was placed on the ulna. The second surgery, which occurred several weeks later, involved the removal of the pin and wire from the ulna only.

I had a post-op appointment with my surgeon on my birthday, December 11th. He gave me the happy news that despite the numerous fractures on the radius and ulna, the bones have healed in perfect alignment. Now, on with about 6 months of Occupational Therapy. We are hoping for 90%+ restored function, and so far, so good.

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