News: Theater Update

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It is with a heavy heart that Chris and I must decline to participate in the valley’s theater productions this year. Chris and I are taking marriage preparation classes for the next 6 months, which certainly are time consuming. In addition, there are still some unresolved issues with my father’s health, and I must be traveling at a moment’s notice. Regrettably, we have already declined a few show offers for the next few months from the Desert Foothills Theater, Copperstate Theater, Bru’s Musical Theater and Fountain Hills Community Theater. We will, however, continue to¬† participate with our jazz venues around town. Please check our event calendar for times and locations.

I apologize, once again, but we will be taking a year off, as a theater sabbatical, and we will not be performing professional theater again until some time after our wedding on April 25, 2009. We look forward to seeing you all again at that time!

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