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Save Fountain Hills Theater!

I have written the following Letter to the Editor of The Fountain Hills Times regarding the new management of the Fountain Hills Theater. Make no mistake; this said vision is destroying the very foundation on which this theater was built.

Midsummer Dreamin’ (2017)

Lizz plays Phil and Chris plays Andy in Midsummer Dreamin’ for Copperstate Productions at Fountain Hills Theater, June 30 – July 30, 2017. 



Lizz Reeves Fidler will not be able to play the role of Marie Lombardi due to an unplanned medical emergency. Marie will now be played by Dyana Carroll (1/23-2/15) and Diane Senffner (2/20-3/15).

Break a leg?

I slipped during a dance rehearsal on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. As it turned out, the distal end of my radius in my right wrist was fractured in approximately 5 pieces.

What’s in a Trademark? Take 2…

Looks like the cybersquatters from ASIA are at it again. Here is the latest received correspondence: Dear Manager, We received a formal application from a person who is called John Alldis is applying to register “lizzdmcproductions” as their domain names and Internet brand in Hong Kong and also in Asia on 2009-02-02. During our auditing […]

What’s in a Trademark?

Simply unreal… Apparently, to certain Domain Registrar companies from Asia, there is NOTHING to a trademark! Here is a lovely excerpt from a recent email sent to our offices: We are Hong Kong Network service Company Limited, a domain name registration center in Asia. Yesterday we received an application from another company for the domain […]

Unplanned Sabatical

As some of you know, my father, Paul, suffered an Ischemic Stroke on 2/21/2008 which left him paralyzed on the right side and without speech.

Theater Review: Hot ‘N Cole is more cold than hot

The cast, all accomplished singers (and, as seen in other productions, have talent beyond what was displayed here), sang all of the favorites with spot-on harmonizing, particularly De-Lovely, Love For Sale, and In the Still of the Night.

Lizz is out of commission for a few weeks.

Regrettably, Elizabeth “Lizz” Reeves had an unfortunate accident on Monday, June 12, 2006, and will be unable to perform in the production of “Broadway Jukebox” for at least 2-3 weeks.

Theater Review: Lackluster Beautiful Noise fails to sell the music

There’s only one bright spot among the lackluster performers. The blessing is Elizabeth Reeves, a dark-haired singer who belts a song with style, sincerity, authority and a natural ease missing in her fellow performers. She stops the show in her one solo, I Believe in Happy Endings, and wins in several duets with her partner, Charlie Jourdan, who is the best of the men.